Steve-O completes the bottle cap challenge with his penis

Steve-O completes the bottle cap challenge with his penis

I haven't heard the name "Steve-O" in years. The actor and stunt performer is best known for his lewd and daredevil antics television series Jackass, which was popular in the early 2000s. Since then, he's rarely been in the news for his elaborate goofs, gaffs, and pranks.

That is, until now, when he emerged to participate in the latest viral social media challenge.

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With John Mayer and Jason Statham participating in the trend, Steve-O didn't want to be left out. And he made his presence known in a very graphic way. Rather than using his foot to de-cap-itate a bottle (as any normal participant would), he instead used what his mother gave him. He tweeted a video with the caption: "Nothing but dick! #JustTheTip."

With too many people getting the challenge right, Steve-O decided to up the ante, as he normally does. The 45-year-old comic filmed himself completing the challenge, while blurring out the thing that helped him successfully do it. At the end of the video, we see his laughing face, obviously pleased with his feat.

Check out Steve-O's challenge below:

And the craziest thing about all this is that people applauded him for it? Some users cheered him on with comments like "best one yet" and "you won". Even Trojan Condoms responded to his unorthodox success.

The company commented: "Next time, protect yourself against 'cap burn.'" Other not-so-thrilled fans responded with memes of people on the phone with the caption "Hello, may I speak to Jesus?" and one that read, "Partner, you just yee'd your last haw."

Credit: Twitter / Trojan

Celebrities have tried to set themselves apart with the challenge, but no attempts have been as effective. Ryan Reynolds, for example, created a small film with his Aviation Gin bottle before failing the challenge and smashing the glass container. Kendall Jenner, on the other hand, got fancy by completing the challenge on a jet ski.

No matter what's coming next in the Bottle Cap Challenge, it's going to be hard to top Steve-O and his willy.