16 Men reveal their biggest turn offs

16 Men reveal their biggest turn offs

While we're all about #GirlPower over here, sometimes us ladies just want to know for sure whether a boy like-likes us or not. Living in this era of modern dating certainly has its perks, but more often than not it just means that there are more mixed signals to decipher.  I mean, platforms such as Tinder and Bumble are hardly conducive if you want any tangible confirmation that your potential love interest is as into you as you suspect, and sometimes it's even worse in the real world - I mean, does anyone want to talk about their feelings anymore?

Now, while every individual has different turn-ons and turn-offs, the men of Reddit have come together to list the more frequent offenders. So if you continually find yourself striking out when it comes to love, you might want to take a gander and see if you're making one of the more common faux pas...

1. Lol? 

"It's so dumb but the use of Lols. I can maybe handle one LOL a message. But if you use 2 Lols in one sentence it bugs me."

2. This is a pretty standard one

"Her being on the phone all the time. Makes you feel like you aren't interesting enough to hold her attention"

3. Fair 

"Lack of passion. I can't date someone that isn't passionate about anything."

4. Someone who doesn't do things for themselves 

"A girl who assumes you will do everything just because, 'you are the guy'. Probably not a good example but case in point, Tinder. After you match with someone usually you play 20 questions / chat back and forth to see if you have similar interests / find no red flags etc. I hate it when you start to play "20 questions" and the girl only answers your questions but then doesn't contribute anything back to the conversation / ask you any in return. It could be as simple as (her answer) but what about you? Do you.....? I am looking for an equal, not a trophy wife who just sits there and looks pretty."

5. Neediness is a no-go 

"Insecurity. The tangled webs that can weave. Believe it or not, I do know and want to spend time with others in my life. I do need me time. You don't need me holding your hand to go out in public by yourself. If I spend an hour on the phone laughing and cutting up with a friend or family member I haven't spoken to in months and only gave you a run down of my day, it's not because I don't love you, it's because we don't have months to catch up on. Etcetera!"

6. Everyone needs to learn how to control their anger

"Unrestricted anger. Getting angry at small things in inappropriate scenarios are the worst."

7. At least offer to split the bill 

"I will always pay for the first date. If I invite you out then I should pick up the bill. BUT it's nice to at least say 'Oh how much is it?' and reach for your purse so I can shut you down! I've had a few women now who have sat and stared at me as the bill comes."

8. Yes, yes and yes 

"Sexism, racism, homophobia."

9. Fair enough 


10. This was a very common turn-off

"Chewing with your mouth open. I could be on a date with Mila Kunis and if she were doing that, I'd leave. It makes me want to hit people. Seriously."

11. Shouldn't this be a no-brainer? 

"Constantly talking about your exes. This ex did this, this ex did that, I DON'T CARE!"

12. Hygiene

"A girl with bad hygiene or who is just a slob in general. You don't have to be super cleanly but if your room's floor is made out of a solid layer of dirty laundry and you smell like you spend all your time diving around in it then thats terrible. Also dirty nails"

 13. Don't be that weirdo 

"Playing hard to get. Listen. If I ask you out on a date and you say no I'll accept that and move on. I won't pursue you like they do in the movies because I'm not a stalker."

14. Don't put down other people, gals 

"A bad attitude. Girls who say 'I'm not a b**ch, I just speak the truth'. No you are definitely just a b**ch. If you don't like someone's outfit or haircut then keep it to yourself. Telling them how bad they look and putting them down is a bad move."

15. Sex is a mutual act 

Laying there like a starfish in bed. Unless there's some kind of bondage situation, sex should involve the participation of at least two people.

16. This is a major red flag 

"When they can't get along with other females"

Well, there you have it, if you find that some of those points strike a chord, it may be time to reconsider the way you act on future dates.

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