This is what your sex dreams say about your life

This is what your sex dreams say about your life

Sex dreams are something which will occur at some point over your life, and they can be pretty strange things to deal with. But while sex dreams are something that we all encounter, they can differ massively. Sometimes they will be about your current partner, sometimes they are focused on your ex. Sometimes they can be with someone famous, sometimes it's someone you've never met. Whatever happen in your sex dreams, there is usually a reason behind it happening.

Take a look at 10 classic sex dreams below and what they mean.

Sex with your ex

If you think that having a sex dream about your ex is worrying, it really isn't. Sex dreams about former lovers are apparently the most common type, and they don't mean that you should break up with your current partner right this second. These dreams most commonly appear when your current relationship is running a bit dry and serve as a reminder from your subconscious that you need to spice up your relationship.

Sex with faceless stranger

The faceless stranger dream may sound absolutely frightening, but it is the second-most common sex dream. The dream doesn't signify that there is someone out there who is waiting for you, it actually symbolizes some aspect of your life that you're trying to get to know and utilize. The faceless stranger represents a desire for you to be more authoritative in your daily life.

Sex with your friend

Even if you don't find your friends sexually arousing in any way, sometimes they can creep into your sex dreams for one particular reason. The reason for their appearance is because they have personality traits that would be beneficial for you, and therefore you dream about them. As a general rule, pick the first three things that come to mind when you think about that person, then apply them to yourself to see if they would be beneficial to you. As I'm sure you're now realizing, sex dreams are less about the people in them and more about your life situation.

Sex with the same sex

Same-sex dreams are also pretty common among those from a heterosexual relationship. Again, it isn't necessarily about you being sexually curious, and it's more about what the person involved represents to you. Are they strong, kind and nurturing? Are those values that you wish you had a bit more of? Or it could be that you are secretly curious, who knows?

Sex with a celebrity

Sex with a celeb typically means one of two things: you either think that celebrity is smoking hot and would love to bang them, or you should apply to rule of three to them once more. Why are they famous? What is it about them that people like? Is there anything about them that you could apply to yourself?

Sex with someone you hate

Angry sex is a common occurrence in a relationship, and is usually some of the best sex that you will have. However it can seem a little unfair when someone that you absolutely despise pops up in your dreams and has sex with you. One reason that they're appearing in your dreams, is because a little bit of you wants to make peace with them as it's not good to carry around hate. Another reason might be that this person has a skill, job or personality trait that you're jealous of and desire.

Sex with someone in the office

Dreaming about banging your co-worker is pretty similar to dreaming about your friend, in the sense that you should apply the rule of three. Also, it's worth noting that as you work with them, it might be your subconscious telling you that you need to unite with them in order to improve your job prospects/career enjoyment.

Sex in a group

While orgies may seem exoctic, exciting and enjoyable - the reason they're appearing in your dreams is a lot less positive. Orgies involve a lot of moving objects and can signify that there is too much going on in your life at the current time. Are you trying to do too many things? Look for ways to simplify your life, or put things on hold and give yourself some breathing space.

Sex in a public place

Sometimes the most symbolic thing about your dream, is the location that you are doing the deed in. For example, if you're banging in the office it might be that work is dominating your life and the conversations that you are having, and your thought process. Think about why you are so consumed by that place that you dream of having sex there.

In your childhood home

Your childhood home is a common location for a lot of your dreams, not just those that involve sex. However, dreams that center around having sex in your childhood home, can be a little strange. Apparently it has less to do with the location, and more to do with who you were when you lived there. What is it right now that makes you feel like a child? Do you need some help with bills or your relationship?

There you have it, what your sex dreams mean. As you can see from the above list, a lot of the time your sex dreams are really about you and your life. However, I have no doubt that some times we have these dreams because we're just very, very horny.