David Beckham pays himself a staggering £35,000 a day

David Beckham pays himself a staggering £35,000 a day

What doesn't David Beckham have? Not only did he have a career as a internationally renowned footballer but he's also in possession of a wife who is a former Spice Girl turned design guru, four adorable children, and of course, movie-star good looks. If he were American we could say that he's living the American dream, but as he's not I guess we can just settle on the fact that he's living The Dream, writ large.

While Beckham retired from playing football four years ago, he's remained very much in spotlight due to advertising partnerships with well-known brands such as H&M, Adidas and Haig Club whisky - and yes, for all those who find Becks rather attractive, the majority of these campaigns feature the groomed 42-year-old in some form of undress.

So naturally, one would assume that Beckham isn't doing too badly on the financial front. And as it turns out, he's still tipping the scales on being a millionaire. According to the Sun, Becks is reportedly earning more than £1 million a month after drawing a salary of £12.7 million from his image rights company last year. And for all of us that are bad at maths, that amounts to a whopping £35,000 a day.

As such, Beckham's estimated worth of £165 million coupled with the dividends he has amassed over the past five years still allow him to rank as one of the top earners in the Premiere League.

However, since such news of his finances were broadcast, Beckham's London-based Footwork Productions Ltd announced a £6.28 million loss of sales for the calendar year of 2016. This brings the company's overall turnover down from £14.3 million to a significant, but not too paltry £8.02 million.

Companies House records has since surmised that his business venture now has £263,000 in assets, a sizeable loss compared to recordings in 2015 when the company held £7.21 million. However, the report also highlights that Beckham had to pay a weighty £1.43 million in tax on his home in the Cotswolds.

While we can't exactly say that the former England footballer is having financial woes, it's evident that he's doing better than his wife, Victoria, whose fashion brand is said to have filed a loss of 4.6 million back in January.

43-year-old Victoria made the eye-watering loss on top of a loan of £6.7 million, which she took from her multi-millionaire husband back in January.

These details come just after it was revealed that her fashion brand, that was established in 2008, was formally warned that it could be shut down after they failed to file their accounts on time.

Well, it turns out that Becks is still doing incredibly well, despite one-or-two minor hiccups. But, I mean, if he ever experiences a fleeting moment of despair we're sure he'll be consoled by the fact that he was named People's sexiest man of the year in 2015.


It's certainly no mean feat, but, I think that being a superstar footballer and winning the genetic lottery to boot doesn't do anyone any harm...
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