Here are all the best photos from Kit Harington and Rose Leslie's wedding

Here are all the best photos from Kit Harington and Rose Leslie's wedding

"You know nothing, Jon Snow".

Fans of Game of Thrones will recognise this as the unofficial catchphrase of Ygritte, the fire-haired, fiery wildling played by Rose Leslie. Presented alongside Kit Harington's Jon Snow, their initial antagonism blossomed into a passionate love, until Ygritte was tragically killed off at the end of season four (I'm sorry - you can't complain about spoilers if the episode in question aired four years ago).

For all those watching at home, the chemistry was clear for all to see, so it was no surprise when it emerged that Harrington and Leslie were dating in real life. Nor was it a shock when Harrington revealed the pair were engaged. Now, Rose Leslie and Kit Harrington have tied the knot, and here are the photos to prove it!

1. Here's Rose Leslie on her way in

2. Harington's onscreen romance Emilia Clarke was in attendance

3. Sophie Turner and Maisie Williams 

4. The happy couple, happily ever after

5. The couple tied the knot at Leslie's parents' castle in Aberdeen, Scotland

6. Congratulations to the happy couple

Celebrity relationships aren't always known for being particularly long-term, but having found love on Game of Thrones, I'm sure I'm not the only one who wishes this couple a long and fulfilling marriage. The same could not be said for their respective characters, after all.